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Best Fielders in the Cricket History

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Best Fielders in the Cricket History

Best Fielders in Cricket

Best Fielders in the Cricket History: Cricket is one of the most adored games among sports lovers these days. This game essentially has three components to it, them being batting, bowling and fielding respectively. Most people tend to think batting and bowling, in that order are the crucial parts of playing cricket. But fielding cannot be ruled out as an essential aspect of the game either.

 Best Fielders in the Cricket History

Fielding could save the game for a playing team when it goes out of the hands of the batsman and the bowler. Fielders, depending on their unique skills and expertise, hold the potential to change the course of the game any time. We will find out about some of the fielders considered as the best at their games in the history of cricket by masses!

#1) Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes

Rhodes hails from South Africa. He is referred to as ‘the greatest fielder of all time’ by most. Some also call him ‘the God of fielding’. His active years in cricket were from 1992 to 2003. Rhodes was an impressively innovative player. 

He had quite courageously administered the ‘reverse sweep’ method in his games, while other players went with the commonly used ‘stroke-making’ method of fielding. Rhodes is cherished for his amazing performance at the 1992 World Cup. Here he was playing against Inzamam ul Haq, whom he run out of a score of 135/2. His earnest effort scored him the title “Flying Jonty”. 

Rhodes was voted as one of the ‘Wisden Cricketers of the Year’ in 1999. He is the only player who managed to take five catches in one of the ODI matches. He coached for a while as well. Rhodes was coaching the IPL team ‘Mumbai Indians’ for nine years. He was appointed as the coach of the cricket team of South Africa as well.

#2) Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting

His name comes on 9th in the ‘Highest-Paid Cricket Players’ list. Many consider Ponting as the second best fielder of all times, only after Jonty Rhodes. He is one of the fastest performing fielders when in the ring.  Ponting is well-known for pulling off some amazing run-outs and cutting off angles in his brilliant catches. He was a former captain of the Australian Cricket team. He has a record of taking a staggering 194 catches in test matches, including 160 catches in the ODI cricket. 

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Mohammad Kaif

 Best Fielders in the Cricket History: Kaif began his career in cricket in the year 2000, in the India’s match against South Africa. He is famously known for his spontaneity in the art of fielding. It appears like a second nature to him. In 2002, Kaif made his debut in the ODI series. 

He is a pro at taking what would seem to many players as almost impossible catches. Thus, Kaif has proven to be a great supporting player for many Indian bowlers in the field. He earned fame in the 2003 World Cup group match against England in Durban, where he run-out Knick Knight. He also displayed some amazing catches in the game and impressed the audience.

Just like his catches, his throws were brilliant too. They went long and made it to the stumps directly almost always! Kaif was one of the most treasured fielders of the Indian cricket team. 

#4) Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina

Born in India, Raina is a left-handed batsman. His fielding abilities are adored by all cricket experts and cricket lovers. He holds a record the highest number of catches i.e., ninety-five in the Indian Premier League games.

The noticeable improvement in Indian cricket team’s fielding game currently is credited to Raina. His aggression in the field makes him one of the strongest players. He is known to not think twice before catching and stopping a ball, no matter how difficult or dangerous the catch may seem. 

Jonty Rhodes has gone on record to say that Suresh Raina is his favourite fielder and that Raina reminds him of himself. We can surely trust the words of the best fielder in the history of cricket on this one!

#5 Ab de Villiers

 Best Fielders in the Cricket History

The former South African cricketer is also fondly referred as “The Superman”. He earned fame in the 2007 World Cup, where he run out an Australian player. He has a fielding score record of more 350 catches and is considered as one of the best fielders on cricket field. Villiers took his retirement from cricket last year.

He has an exceptional arm strength, which makes his fielding abilities one of a kind. Villiers holds a record of stunning 217 catches at the rate of 0.632 catches per inning. 

#6) Steve Waugh

 Best Fielders in the Cricket History

Best Fielders in the Cricket History: Waugh was born in New South Wales of Australia. His role as the captain of the Australian cricket team is well known. He and his twin brother Mark E. Waugh made it to fame as a great team at the game for quite a while. 

Mark’s physique and his knack for slip fielding make him a great performer in the field. He is regarded as one of the best slip fielders by cricket lovers across the world. He gained popularity during the ICC World Cup of 1999. Here his fielding skills won Australian team the coveted trophy against Pakistan. 

Waugh has a record of 181 catches in 128 Test matches, which proves his wonderful fielding skills. As cricket experts have quoted it, “If it went to Waugh, it would be caught.” 

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Virat Kohli

Kohli is as good a fielder as a batsman. His determination in the field and quick reflexes make him an amazing fielder, one of the best in India and the world. He has been successful in establishing India’s top-class fielding capabilities in front of the world.

Kohli is the running captain of the Indian cricket team. In one of his interviews, the team’s fielding coach R Sridhar was heard saying, “Just before the Lanka series, Kohli wanted the players to have a 20-minute session reflex catching in addition to the regular drills in every practice session. This proved to be the trigger and today, the players do much more than 20-minutes, and the results are there for all to see.” 

#8) Paul Collingwood

Paul Collingwood

In international cricket, Paul has taken some breath-taking catches. He is famously known as the “Greatest fielder” ever produced by England. He is known to have an exceptional grip with the ball. Paul has always proven himself as a great support system for the English bowlers, through his great fielding skills. 

He has played for England in 68 test matches, 197 ODIs and 36 T20Is. He played for Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League. Paul is known to enjoy the games that he plays and mesmerize the audience with his superb skills. He took retirement from competitive cricket in the year 2018.

#9) Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds

Best Fielders in the Cricket History: Formerly an Australian Batsman and Medium Pace Bowler, Symonds has displayed some wonderful fielding talent. He is bestowed with a strong athletic spirit and an exceptional arm strength. His flexibility is also awed at by many. In a 2005 report by Cricinfo, Symonds was ranked as the fieldsman with the fourth highest success rate.

His tall height and amazing reflexes made him flawless in the art of fielding. He has a strong throwing arm which added to the advantage. Symonds strong instincts at catching were nothing short of breath-taking. Ricky Ponting considers Symonds as the best fielder he has seen.

10) Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Smith, the Australian ODI and Test captain is known for his calculative, calm and balanced nature of fielding. He brings great energy to the team. Awareness and cautiousness in the game is one of his many adored qualities.

He is the current captain of the IPL team ‘Rajasthan Royals’. After Ponting, he is considered the next gem of a fielder in the Australian cricket team.

The importance of fielding in cricket cannot be denied. The fact that the speed of the sport is multiplying by the day makes it even more necessary for teams to have skilled and talented fielders. We hope to witness more and more skilled fielders emerging in world cricket in the near future!

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