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Future Possible Super Stars after the Retirement of King Kohli

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Future possible super stars after the retirement of King Kohli

Future possible super stars after the retirement of King Kohli

During the 1980’s, there was a biggest question mark in the Indian cricket that who is going to be the
super star after the retirement of Sunil Gavaskar? Soon, there was Sachin Tendulkar was started
dominating cricket in 1990’s and he continued to do it till 2013 and he became the God of cricket and
clearly an all-time great Indian batsman. When Sachin was dominating cricket, there was another
question rising up, yes, the question with the same pattern, who is India’s Next Sachin Tendulkar? This time, the question was ten times tougher than the previous one because fans hardly had the hope that a player will come to replace Sachin Tendulkar as his records were just massive and legendary and yes of course it will be massive which is the main reason for him to be called as the God of cricket. but this is life, life is a game and the here is cricket, it is always unpredictable, one man, is coming in a fast pace and breaking all records and his name is Virat Kohli. With 41 Odi hundreds and 25 test Hundreds, he is
one miracle man and clearly becoming the next God of cricket in the Indian circle. Now as he is past the age of 30, who is going to be the next Virat? Yes, the same question is coming again, indeed this life is a big circle and the question keeps coming back once in every 20 years. But in this generation, we can always have the next super star and the irony is that we have too many contenders in today’s
generation. It is very difficult to pick as in this generation; we have the problem of plenty. In today’s
column let us discuss the top 10 contenders who have the potential to become the next King Kohli.

Riyan Parag:

Riyan Parag:
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He is a fantastic young talent and perfectly shaped b his coach as a fearless batsman, like if you look at his record in domestic cricket at the age of 17, he makes you go wow with his skills and numbers. His performance in the IPL are the most impressive and he actually deserved that emerging player of the year award. He just played few IPL matches and scored some terrific knocks in those few games which is the best way and showcase the talent in front of the world. to describe him, he is a fearless young gun who have all the ability to make it big in International cricket. To the extent of proving his talent, he has also scored some brilliant hundreds in his career of toughest domestic leagues which makes him the real contender to make it big in his career in the future and in the history of cricket. we are sure that in the future, his contribution to the Indian cricket will be really high that he has the capacity to break all records and a serious contender to be the biggest super star. Let us proudly talk about a him in the future, after scoring tons of runs for India.

Nitish Rana:

Nitish Rana
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One of the great player of Indian cricket in the domestic circle. Nitish Rana has notched up several top class knocks in his career in the domestic cricket. he has scored his knocks in a stylish way which can be compared to the Sri Lankan great Kumar Sangakkara and he is one of the best left handed batsman in India at the moment. He is playing for KKR and also play in the top order which shows his class and the trust he has earned from the coaches of his teams and he shows immense maturity towards the game. His shots are filled with utmost timing and class which makes him the possible future super star of Indian cricket. One special thing about him his he play T20 cricket and score runs with a grounded shots. No wonder he has scored so well for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL tournament and each knocks has shown that how blessed KKR Franchise is to have him. he is one of the player who had the sweetest of character and the tough attitude to have in the field. He also scored those runs in a very traditional manner and he was also very successful because of his match winning knock. Another main reason why people call him the future big thing is, he has all the ability to play the test cricket, he bats with unbelievable maturity and patience. We miss him in the Indian side right now, but he will surely come up as a super star post the world cup 2019 which will be hopefully won by India. videos of those IPL knocks and domestic is one of the most beautiful sight in cricket.

Suryakumar Yadav:

Suryakumar Yadav
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He has scored some terrific knocks in his most of the innings in domestic cricket and he is one of the
greatest cricketer in the making in the Domestic level and has the ability to be the pillar of Indian cricket in the future days. If he gets into Indian team, Nitish Rana- Surya will be the most dangerous
combination who will be troubling most of the bowlers and their partnerships might prove very
legendary when they retire. He can play at number 4 , one of the most crucial spots in test cricket and has the ability of notching up several hundreds and double hundreds which can be his massive
achievement in the game of cricket for the talent he possess. his shots are once again amazing to watch which carried KKR in IPL cricket and now Mumbai Indians in the IPL cricket for all match winning purpose his ability to bat through innings is caused the talks of his inclusion in the Indian team and he can also become the super star. He is the right handed batsman and also a fierce and aggressive batsman for any team he play. He took the KKR team to the final in 2012 IPL and won against the Chennai super kings.

He is another player with the ability to score runs in every format and his pull shots are the perfect ones to watch. His back foot work and front foot work can be made videos and can be given to teach other young players , which will remind them about the classic game and how the real cricket should be played. He can surely be the next king Kohli if he keeps improving day by day. He can adapt to the
situations and can also play in any kind of tracks which fetched him the spot in this table.

Sanju Samson:

Sanju Samson
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Yes, his shots are classic, but there is something more to describe about him and that is aggression and compassion at the same time. No, he is not aggressive by character, he is aggressive by his batting and he proved that batting can be done like a T20 format in innings format in his domestic cricket even before best bowlers who bowl to him. Imagine how well he would have hit the ball in domestic cricket and scored 6 hundreds in Ranji cricket in such a age with such a timing which fetched him a spot automatically in the IPL. he is also the owner of too many match winning knocks and missed one great spot to Indian team till now, but we are sure that he has all the ability to make it to the Indian team once the seniors now gets their retirement. India can see him as a better opener option and also as a middle order option at the same time. after his debut in the IPL stage, he is that player who made every bowler look like puppet on his day. He also missed winning a IPL trophy like some youngsters, but his individual ability has spoke for him.

Rishabh Pant:

Rishabh Pant
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One hell of a aggressive batsman who made the world cricket fans go crazy with his batting. He is
considered as an automatic option after the retirement of Dinesh Karthik and Ms Dhoni. His passion aggression at the age of just 21 has made him a regular member of test cricket already. His powerful hands has the ability to clear all grounds in the world and he also has an overseas hundred to his name already against a mighty English bowling attack. Another quality of him is that he is a player who can bat at any position and score runs at any position. This makes him clearly the next big thing for the Indian cricket. yes, he has that ability to become next King Kohli with little bit of maturity in the upcoming games post the world cup 2019.

Shubhman Gill:

Shubhman Gill
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This man is the top contender to become one of the all time legends in Indian cricket and he has proven the N number of times in his domestic and IPL games. With his shots and terrific confidence and timing, yes, the next king is born.


With hard work and dedication, anyone can be anything.

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