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John Cena Biography, Height, Weight, Personal Life, Controversy,Net worth, etc

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John Cena Biography

John Cena Biography: is one of the most famous wrestlers in the wrestling industry. He has made his mark in the wrestling world as a wrestler. That’s impressive, no surprise he is famous. He is not only a wrestler but also an actor and a rapper. He is also a popular American celebrity. John Cena’s birth name is John Felix Anthony Cena and he is 42 years old. John Cena’s height is 185 cm (6 ‘ 1 ’ ). 

John Cena Biography

Early Life of John Cena

John Cena Biography: John Felix Anthony Cena is popularly and better known as WWE star John Cena. Here are a few things about John Cena’s early life. John Cena’s battle started through his birth. John Felix Anthony Cena was born on April 23rd , 1977 in the land of West Newbury, Massachusetts. John Cena’s zodiac sign is Taurus. His eye color is Blue and his hair color his brown. 

Early Life of John Cena

He was born to John Senior and Carol Cena. His parents stated that John Cena was born with the umbilical cord wrapped that was 3 times around his neck, which turned out to be a worse situation, but this did not have long term effects on John Cena. He was the second oldest of the 5 kids. John Cena has 1 elder brother who is Stephen Cena, and he has 3 younger brothers, Dan Cena, Sean Cena and Matt Cena.  This shows his true fighter spirit since childhood. He had a zeal for working out and sports. At a very early age, he started his activities in sports. He performed his weightlifting for a Christmas Eve when he was 12 years old. When he was in his mid-15 he started going to Gym regularly. He participated in various body building contests. 

After John Cena completing his High School, he boarded to Spring Field College located in Massachusetts. There he studied exercise physiology. He had a passion for football and proved that on the ground. In the new School, he was given a position as a team captain and Division III All-American offensive lineman but did not choose football as the career path due to a couple of reasons. He quit because he thought he was too small for football. He wanted to be a body-builder and despite his father insisting he moved to California and left the new college that was in the Bay state. He just started with $500 to move across the country and to get settled. Just to start with $500 in his pocket showed the courage and passion to pursue his path and the belief he should have had that one day he will be his best. He has put a lot of effort to transform to 6 feet 1 inch tall to get the star figure. Starting with $500 in his pocket was not easy, he did various other jobs such as cleaning toilets at a Gym in the Venice Beach, folding towels etc. He was not able to afford an apartment to live hence he managed in his Lincoln Continental 1991. He wanted to become a professional body builder. 

During his stay at the place he was introduced to pro wrestling business by Mike Bell. Currently, Mike Bell is popularly known as the ill fated ‘STAR’ for the steroid documentary. That is were John Cena started his training as a wrestler. He began his training for the Ultimate Pro Wrestling a few distant from Los Angeles. This was the first place where he started his first gimmick. His first play for the knockoff was a true movement to live in. He went to through all the odds to pursue his dreams. Cena is a true inspiration and made his way to his dreams. A perfect start for his professional career. 

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John Cena wrestled for the company WWE other than that he did not wrestle for any other company. There is a long list of his achievements. He has made a remarkable achievement in his life as a wrestler. He is a true inspiration to many of them. 

  • John Cena bagged the WWE United States of America Championship 5 times and this is indeed remarkable. 
  • He has achieved the remarkable winning twenty-five professional wrestling championships, which was equal to the accomplishment of WWE legend, Ric Flair.
  • John Cena was the world champion 16 times which is truly amazing. 
  • The 16 times world Championship included the 13 times WWE Championships and 3 times WWE’s World Heavyweight Championships.
  • John Cena won four times the World Tag Team Championships. 
  • John Cena won the OVW heavyweight Championship once and the OVW tag team championship once under the Ohio Valley Wrestling. 
  • He won the Ultimate Pro Wrestling heavy weight Championship once. 
  • John Cena was the winner of the Royal Rumble in the year 2008 and 2013. 
  • John Cena was the winner of Money in The Bank in the year 2012 a truly spectacular winning. 
  • He was featured as the Most improved Wrestler of the year 2003. 
  • John Cena was featured as the number 1 Ranked in the top 500 single wrestlers in PWI magazine thrice with two consecutive year (2006 and 2007) and in the year 2013. 
  • He was the most popular wrestler almost for a decade and won many hearts that is 2000 – 2009. 
  • John Cena has won 10 Slammy awards. 
  • In the rolling magazine award, it was considered as the Best Match in WWE vs Kevin Owens in the year 2015 at Money in The Bank match. 
  • He was the most popular wrestler. He was the most popular wrestler for the year 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2012. 
  • At the early stage he was considered as the most improvised wrestler of the year 2003. 

His list of achievements is never ending. He was featured in various awards, magazines, meets, etc. 

Professional Life of John Cena

Professional Life of John Cena

John Cena Biography: We know he is not only a wrestler he also an actor and a rapper. He has acted in several movies and TV shows. Some of them are The marine in the year 2006, 12 rounds in the year 2009, Fred the movie, Psych a TV show he played the role of Ewan O’Hara in the year 2010, another TV show True Jackson VP in the year 2010, Hannah Montana another famous TV show in the year 2010, Legendary in the year 2010, The reunion in the year 2010, Ferdinand voice over in the year 2017, Daddy’s Home 2 played role is Roger in the year 2017, The Train-wreck, The Wall in the year 2017 played a role Staff sergeant, a movie bumblebee in the year 2018, The Blockers in the year 2018. These are the list of movies or TV shows he acted as an actor.  He gave voice over for four TV shows they are Rise TMnt, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019), Dallas and Robo and WWE slam City ( 2014 – 2015 ). 

The Time is Now is a famous song written by him. He sings this song during his entry or in the ring and the current theme used by him. The top 9 songs of John Cena are The Time is Now, Basic Thugonomics, Untouchables, Right Now, my time is now, If It All Ended Tomorrow, Just Another Day, Make it loud, and Summer Flings. He has more than 100 songs written and composed such that rapped by him. One of the most versatile human. 

Personal Life of John Cena

Personal Life of John Cena

As we know he was in the year 1977 to John Senior and Carol Cena. They were five brothers in the family. John Cena marital status was married. He declared that he got engaged with his Highschool sweet heart in a promotional round for his acting film in the year 2009. Later, he got married to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is his high School Sweet heart on 11th of July in the year 2009. But after a few years he divorced Elizabeth Huberdeau on 1st May 2012. In the same year that is 2012 he started dating a wrestler Stephanie Garcia-Colace who is known as Nikki Bella. He got engaged to Nikki Bella on 2nd April 2017. By occupation he is a Wrestler, actor and a rapper. He enters the ring with the sound of ‘My Time Is Now’ which is a song. But now his status in unmarried. 

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John Cena Biography: John Cena was successful in winning several Championships. He has so many followers and supporters. He is considered as one of the most children friendly star in World Wrestling Entertainment. But this does not mean he does not have controversies. Here are some of the controversies of John Cena. 

One of the controversies is the rule breaking in a match John Cena Vs CM Punk on February 2013.  Both could have followed the rules, but they broke the rules and decided to go on with the wrestling match. During the Xtreme rules in the year 2012 John Cena bloodied against the wrestler Lesnar we know that blood is forbidden by the World Wrestling Entertainment. 

John Cena put on a Crimson mask in a match against Brock Lesnar which created another controversy. He waited still Brock left the ring and then said over a microphone and said that he has been waiting for a vacation and it was his plot to make his opposition contestant to leave the ring and gain his victory. 

His messy public divorce with Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2012. He married Elizabeth in the year 2009 but they got divorced in the year 2012. She accused him for having many affairs and for cheating on her. Rumors say that he was having affair with multiple film stars. The rumors about John Cena and James. And later dating a wrestler has remained a big-time buzz. 

John Cena got food poisoned in one of his matches happened at a house show Jacksonville, in Canada. But he still wrestled despite all the illness and resulted in going under the ring during the ongoing match. 

John Cena has a huge fan following base, he was a proper Wrestler of all time. But when his music hit during the match people sang ‘John Cena Sucks’ in the unison almost six years before and decided to boo him for some time. The World Wrestling Entertainment was more worried about the situation about the champion and he was not appreciated by the people. Eventually as days passed they called him to be the World Wrestling Entertainment most divisive star (Divisive Superstar). 

After his divorce he started dating Nikki Bella (Stephanie Garcia-Colac) this turned to be one of the controversies. The TV shows focused on Nikki Bella who is also a wrestler because John Cena was her boyfriend. He got her more famous and notable wrestler because he was her dating her. Maria says Nikki was famous because of John Cena’s influence and she should stop doing that. 

Net Worth of John Cena

Net Worth of John Cena

John Cena Biography: The net worth of John Cena is to be estimated to have $55 million in the year 2018 considering all his properties and incomes. Honestly this might be even more than this. He has made so much due to the versatility in his career from World Wrestling Entrainment to Music, acting, singing, etc.  John Cena is an excellent wrestler who makes a decent amount of money from his work. He is currently residing in the city of Florida in Tampa. He has maintained to keep his salary in private but has won many hearts and he has a huge fan base. He has the support of his fan followers and he seems to be happy with his income. John Cena has granted the wish of more than five hundred (500) for them that is the Arizona Children. These children have a life-threatening illness which is serious with the Make A Wish Foundation he helps them. This makes him the present record holder. 

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