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Lionel Messi Biography

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Early Life of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi: 24th June 1987 is the day when “Demigod of football- Messi” was born, hailing from an Italian-Spanish family background his love towards the game was developed at an early age of 4 when he joined Grandoli club where he was trained by his father although his motivator was a maternal grandmother. At an age of 6 when the other children were playing with the toys he was creating records for “The machine of 87” named after their birth year by scoring 500 goals, he continued his show until he discovered his deficiency of growth hormones at the age of 10 for which he faced many troubles including a funder for his irregular treatment, he recovered with the proper treatment as they moved to northeastern part of Spain named Catalonia where he was being trialed for Barcelona in September 2000 much impressed by his style coach was ready to sign but the unusual signings of foreign players was not the custom which led him to wait for 2 more years and finally signing for REEF club and he was also an integral member of “Baby Dream Team” which is considered to be Barcelona’s greatest ever youth side. He grew alongside Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique from his first club while they both left for England he rejected the offer from Arsenal and decided to stay at Barcelona.    

 Lionel Messi

 Personal life of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi Since he started living in Catalonia after moving from Rosaria along with family, his responsibility has been the same throughout as we can witness the professional life is taken care by own family members such is his love, care, belief in them. As an agent, the role is capped to Jorge- his father since he was 14, and his elder brother Rodrigo manages daily schedule and publicity. The person taking care of charitable organizations in Barcelona and Rosario is his younger brother Matias and mother Celia whom he loves more and has even tattooed her face on the left shoulder. Maintaining a close relationship with his hometown of Rosario even though its any empty house he has kept ownership of it along with the penthouse apartment for his mother is the testament of how much sentimental he is.

 Personal life of Lionel Messi

Even though there were feuds with his first club Newell’s of Rosario because of his transfer to Barcelona, he has often maintained a cordial relationship with them evident was the end of their bitter relations in 2012.  Messi has been in a relationship with his native of Rosario and childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo since 2008 before announcing it publicly in 2009 when walked to the carnival in Sitges after Barcelona- Espanyol derby. The boundless love shown towards his three children Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro shows his sensitive nature. He was always present at the right time before the birth of each child by missing some matches and practice sessions just before important games. Because of the difficulties that he faced during his childhood in medical aspects he has been involved in the various charitable organizations not just financially but also being timely present there. He is serving as UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 2010 through which he went on for field mission to bring awareness among the people for various issues such as HIV prevention, education for underdeveloped and the social inclusion of disabled children. Apart from these, he founded his own trust named as Leo Messi Foundation whose aim is to reach the underprivileged people to access appropriate health care, education, and sports. His increase in the interest of fundraising activities led to the formation of the global foundation “ Messi and Friends” which is been funded by his company sponsors and the endorsements he signs for. At his birthplace Rosario he has constructed the gymnasium and invested for club’s stadium for the betterment of children.      

Professionalism in Football

Professionalism in Football

Once people committed mistake considering him as dwarf and unfit for the game and they might have soon discovered that it is a sin to be commenting on someone as the beast within him was on the rise and still it is growing but with improvised version. He may be short but if the speech is to be given on his achievements it will be opposite to it. Other than his goal-scoring ability he is known for his technical capability, the number of skills he possesses will be similar to the list of skills available in football. Being short gives you some advantages is what Messi has replicated to the world, with his short stature he is much robust than what others think of him as fragile nature. He is known for his versatile nature of his play as he can cap the role of an attacker as much as he can be a ball carrier, his accurate free kicks and clear vision makes him the best tactician of the team. The combination of pace and technological capability is what he is best at beating down the defenders of opposition through his dribbling skills.

Some of the Football pundits consider him to be an Alien because of his insane performances which cannot be argued. When he possesses the ball it seems to be a chase for the ball rather than him, his penalty scoring might be deteriorated but on a particular day, he can do that as well.      

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Achievements of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi there are several remarkable achievements that he has made as an individual and for the team, it is quite a large list to speak of his performances and below is a case to provide a highlight of some of them. To start of his contribution for Barcelona the lone club that he has played for and won them several trophies such as 10 La Liga titles which are awarded for the top team of that league, out of 10 they have successfully defended the crown for 4 times. Six is the number of Copa Del Rey trophies first being in the year 2008 and the last being  2017-18 as they are in a race to increase the count to seven. Having won UEFA Champions League with Barcelona for four times, his contribution in the format seems compromising as compared to his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo. With three trophies each in UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup and that too in the same year in 2009,2011,2015. His national record seems to be rather dull when compared to club records as he has managed to win FIFA U-20World Cup in 2005 and Olympic gold medal in 2008 other than being runners up FIFA World Cup of 2014 and Copa America in 2007,2015,2016. Looking into individual honor and awards that he has gathered reminds the various trophies that can be given to a person for their brilliant performances. The highest award in the individual category is Ballon d’Or whose association with FIFA World player of the year in 2010  merged to form FIFA Ballon d’Or and he was the recipient for a record 5 times equaling with Ronaldo. He won it 4 years in a row from 2009 to 2012 and received the fifth one in 2015. Being the golden ball winner of 2014 which is given to the best player at each FIFA world cup Finals, the second and third-ranked are given the silver ball and bronze ball respectively. With double hattrick awards of European golden shoe between 2009-2013 and 2016-2019 is the first person to do it. Messi has been decorated 8 times as the best La Liga player which includes his five-year unbeaten record from 2009 to 2013. 2011 and 2015 are the glorious years for him to be registered as the UEFA Men’s player of the year award, apart from being recognized as the UEFA Club footballer and Forward of the year in 2009. 10 out of 11 times between 2008 and 2018 he is named in the UEFA Team of the year, making it to the 2014 World Cup Dream team, where he led them to final. The other notable achievements to be included are The Bravo award which he won in 2007 is to be remembered as in the same year he emerged to be Copa America’s Best young player he seems to have collected various trophies and the place for him to store these goes on to reduce if he continues to be in this kind of form.  The only trophy he misses out is FIFA Golden Boot which is given for the top scorer of the world cup tournament and not sure if he gets his hands onto it as his participation in the next world cup is not sure.

Controversies of Lionel Messi

Controversies of Lionel Messi

Often considered to be shy type and always away from limelight is said to be involved in some of the matters who still condemn his part well these are what is called as Controversy. The major being the tax fraud case which came under investigation in 2013 which said that his offshore companies were part of 4.1 million euros between 2007 -09 but later paying an amount 1.7 million euros fine to avoid jail sentence of 21 months. During their poor show in the 2018 world cup, he was criticized and also held responsible as the media complained about his hand in the selection of team mainly due to a selection of Javier Mascherano which was thought as poor choice because of his form and was asked to hang his boots at international level. When the whole of Argentina team was accused of using marijuana after their training sessions it was their captain Messi who disagreed with rumors and went on to boycott media for showing lack of respect and accusing of wrongdoings. The latest one was the free kick he was awarded due to unclear camera angle, at later stages the camera angle disposed that Messi had Punched Fabinho before scoring for the argued free-kick, this led to their win over Liverpool in the first leg semi-final of Champions League but their entry into finals was denied by the later as they humdinger Barcelona with score 0f 4-0 which aggregated to be 3-4 and Barcelona crashed out of Champions League.

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Net worth 

Net worth 

Lionel Messi one of the richest athletes in the world whose endorsements and multiple brand signings and others sum up to be $400 million. From the year 2008 to now he is the highest paid player of Barcelona whose salary has gradually increased from €8.7 million to $80 million including his bonus given on signing for the team. His overall income in 2018 estimated to be $111 million a salary from the team including $27 million through endorsement deals with top brands like Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi, Huawei was also second in the Forbes list of highest paid athletes during that year. Some of his other ways of income are the Chinese Dairy Product, Mengniu alongside his own theme park in Nanjing, China Known as The Messi Experience Park which is dated to be opened in 2020. Just like the way he rose as a superstar on the field has done similar work off the field. He is only next to Cristiano as the present playing top earners in the soccer. 


To describe an extraordinary Man who is born once in several ages with mere words is impossible, even the adjectives seem to be less in numbers to define him such is his personality. After reading through all of this you might think of knowing him as much as he is now but it would be partially wrong as getting to know him is different than understand him and I am sure the Messi Brigade or fans would definitely say yes to what I said, we can say that he is “A god amongst human”. The way he has grown over the years can certainly be not evaluated but can be predicted as the best growth of a man in recent times, however his reserve nature and popularity look to be contrasting, the more is the debate of his naming as the best player. When many football pundits consider him as the G.O.A.T! Do you think the same as they do?   

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