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Post world cup future of every team

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Post world cup future of every team

Post world cup future of every team

World cup 2019 has started and most of the games are going one sided so far and fans are waiting for some thunderous clash to begin. England VS Pakistan clash was the only clash which had some contest in it. no matter what, the kind of feel that close shave games give will be lasted forever in the hearts of fans. Every team will play with a dream of winning the world cup despite their weakness in the side. Of course, it is natural for a team to start against all odds and still dream as positivity is the key for everything. With England And India is said to be contenders, it is not really compulsory statement that only these two can win the world cup, there are Australia and New Zealand who shows immense maturity and have all the standards to win the world cup. Even West Indies looks like a different team now and can shock the world by lifting the world cup after 44 years. For the past two years, world cup 2019 was in the mind of every team and build up matches was clearly selected to get the right combination of players. Now as the world cup as began, what will be the plans of each and every team once the world cup ends? Cricket does not wait for another 4 years to happen, there will be so many actions post the world cup and what are the plans of the team to become the best in the world? for some teams, there will be players who will be retiring, for some teams, there will be some construction to do by adding some young bloods, for some teams, there will be the need to change the entire set up. In today’s column, let us discuss about the future of every team post the world cup.

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Yes, they have opened the world cup campaign with back to back defeats but there is no room to talk low about them. The growth they have achieved since they started playing cricket in the nets under tree is astonishing. What is more astonishing about them? They have one of most threatening bowling line up in the world. They play with high spirits and they play with high level ambitions and more importantly, they play with utmost intent to win the game. Now, let us come to the point, what will be their future post the 2019 world cup? They will be addressing their batting line up which is must to support their too good bowlers. They can win against any side in the world despite being the new comers if their batting improves. Their bowling is outstanding and they need a good set of batting line up to match up to the high level International standards. Post the world cup, their board members will be addressing their batting line up and arranging some fixtures to play against top teams and also enough test matches as they have gained the test status already.


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Those who are watching cricket since 1999 world cup, would have observed the outstanding growth in Bangladesh cricket. from being a an absolute minnows to being a threatening side for any team on the given day, the growth of them has nothing short of an inspiration. Cricket has always been their motive and they have improved immense in past one decade. since their win against India in the 2007 world cup opening game, they have completely changed as team and had some enough achievements. But not just yet, they have not proved enough as one of the top side in the world because results does not suits them most. They have started their 2019 world cup win against South Africa, but according to our prediction they will not be reaching the top four most probably but by the time of 2023 world cup, they can be one of the most frightening side in the world. they will have to get one or two young bowlers into the set up and also one batsman into the set up. Yes, only that much is needed for the Bangladesh side to get into that list of top league teams in the world.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka
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This team is currently going through the worst phase in the cricketing history and also one of the
brilliant sides in the world and also a one time world cup champion. To be honest, right now they are
playing like minnows as the retirement of legends Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela and re building phase has been worst for them. In 2019 world cup, they will be mostly finishing on the bottom side of the table in the round robin stage. Fine, it is ok to go through phases, but it is now high time that they will have to take steps and come out with some real good super star again to bring back the smile in the face of Lankans. They won the test series against South Africa in South Africa against all possible odds to register the miracle series win. Post the world cup 2019, there should be some serious changes done in the Lankan set up from the scratch. It is time to mix up some reliable orthodox and players to set up the team and once gain become one of the best in the world.


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Another unpredictable side in the world with a bowling attack which will can threaten any batting line up in any conditions in the world. their aggressive play will be the factor which might prove positive to them in the on going 2019 world cup and they have already shocked the entire world by beating red hot contenders England against all odds. For example, let us turn back the clock, their aggressive approach in defending a small target in the 2015 world cup quarterfinal against Australia has won hearts all over the world despite their loss in the game. They won the world cup in 1992 and finished as the finalist in 1999. Then they had a worst time in 2003 and 2007 world cups as they were eliminated in group stages in the both the editions. 2011 was decent for them as they made to the semi final where they lost to India and got eliminated in a decent manner. But whenever the world cup happens, Pakistan is never taken lightly and they remain one of the best side in the tournament. Yes, some days they play like minnows but that will not allow opposition to take things lightly. Because, the very next game, the other Pakistan will arrive and that is they are labeled as the most unpredictable side in the world. they lost to West Indies very badly in the opening game and beat the red hot contenders England to surprise every cricket fan in the world. coming to the point, how do we see them after the 2019 world cup? Their batting is the most inconsistent despite Babar Azam being in form and Fakhar Zaman This will make process difficult for them. So , post the world cup they will have to address their batting well and also make their bowling consistent to make Pakistan the best side in the world. their inconsistency in batting makes it difficult for them to win many games on trot but they somehow re arrange their plans and reach to the semi final of the world cup like to stage which is a good stage. There is good chance for them to make it to the playoffs in the ongoing 2019 world cup, But if their batting clicks, they will be able to shock the world even further. But a final is a rare chance for them this time around. But in future? With good amount of consistency, they can be the best.

South Africa:

South Africa
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One of the greatest teams to have played cricket in the history and now, they slowly in that re building phase which makes the things difficult for the big stage chokers. They will have to find some lost strength in their batting post the world cup and come up with some terrific performance for which they are known for. For the first time in the history, they are not among the contenders for the world cup and that might take off the pressure from them but post the world cup they will have to set the team and comeback stronger in the T20 world cup in 2020.

West Indies:

West Indies
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Looking mighty all of a sudden and has all the ability to shock the cricket world by lifting the trophy in 2019. Yes, they can be the most threatening side once again post the world cup like their side till 1990’s. we feel that, post the world cup 2019, it is glory time for West Indies fans again in the history of cricket. when west indies comes to prime, they will look more unshakable than the other sides in their primes which makes it a special factor in them.

New Zealand:

New Zealand
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They look well set and they will able to go a long way in the ongoing 2019 world cup. What is their
future post the world cup? They are looking set and one or two more players to the team will make
them one of the best side in the world.


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Had a tough time for past one year but now once again back as the mighty Aussies for the world cup
with a monster side in the world. post world cup, the five time champions can start dominating the
world cricket once again. mighty Aussies they are, Mighty Aussies they will be.


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They will remain the best ODI side with years to come and their batting line up is nothing short of extra ordinary. They are already the best Test side and the upcoming Ashes against Australia at home will be their chance to prove that. so, post the world cup England will remain one of the most great side in the world.


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Who is going face India on July 14 th at lords? Yes, we are as confident as that, who will play India in the final. Chak de India!! Let us hope that all the above points works out during world cup and our boys will be able to come out with flying colors and come back home with a world cup trophy for third time. possible? Yes, it is possible, we have the team to do it and this time it will be more special as Dhoni will be playing his last world cup. The legend deserves another world cup to his career kitty. Coming back to the point, post world cup, there is a buzz that legend Dhoni will be retiring, but with right replacement for the role of wicket keeping batsman, India along with England and Australia will be dominating the cricket world.


Everything is a prediction and every team has the ability to prove anyone wrong, we believe that the
above predictions will be right. see you all with more good contents.

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