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All Final Squads For Pro Kabaddi 2019

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All Final Squads For Pro Kabaddi 2019

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

Pro Kabaddi League 2019: The Pro Kabaddi League, is called as Vivo Pro Kabaddi League for sponsorship purpose, is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India. Launched in the year 2014 and is broadcast on Star Sports. It was a great initiative taken for the development of the country’s one of the crucial games. Born out of the rural rocks, kabaddi has outgrown now and has become a quite popular game in the whole world but its prevalence is still lesser than other games played across the globe so there should be certain patterns of the game which can make it significant.

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

The league’s target was influenced and were the outcome of the popularity received from the Kabaddi tournament at the 2006 Asian Games. The format of the competition was influenced by Indian Premier. The Pro Kabaddi League uses a franchise-based model and its first season was held in 2014 with eight teams each of which has paid fees of up to US$250,000 to join. 

There were doubts over whether the PKL would be successful, noting that there were many leagues attempting to emulate the IPL’s business model and success and that unlike cricket, there were relatively fewer well-known players in Kabaddi. However, it was also noted that kabaddi was widely played in grassroots community settings, and could thus attract a wide variety of rural and metropolitan viewers for advertisers to target if the league gained significant traction. This has grabbed a lot of attention from the urban and rural areas and has owned the hearts of millions of people.

Pro Kabaddi League 2019

As league matches are quite common now and the interest of the public matters the most so the final squads for the (PKL) 2019 season 7 are ready after 441 players (388 domestic+53 players) went under the hammer in the auction held on April 8 and 9. All the twelve teams were given a purse of  ₹4.4 crore each with the availability to buy 18-25 players. Twenty-nine players were retained in the Elite Retained Players category ahead of the auctions, an increase from the previous season’s 21. Notable buys on day one were Siddharth Desai, bought by Telugu Titans for Rs. 1.45 crore, raider Nitin Tomar, retained by Puneri Paltan for Rs. 1.20 crore, Rahul Chaudhari bought by Tamil Thalaivas for Rs. 94 lakh, Monu Goyat to UP Yoddha for Rs. 93 lakh and all-rounder Sandeep Narwal going to U Mumba for Rs. 89 lakh.

Bengaluru Bulls will look to defend its title after it beat Gujarat Fortunegiants in the final last season to lift the trophy. That is perhaps unsurprising given that the two nations’ rise in international kabaddi has come alongside the relative decline of India’s. Iran unseated defending champions India at the Asian Games last year, while Korea beat India at the Asian Games and at the 2016 World Cup. The attractiveness of the Iranians was perhaps best underscored by the bid of 77.75 lakh for debutant Mohammad Nabibakhsh, a member of the national team. After lending solidity to the team in defense, Abozar Mighani was retained by the Titans. Patna bought Mohammad Maghsoudlou and Hadi Oshtorak, Pune picked up Hadi Tijak and Emad Sedaghat, the Thalaivas bid for Milad Shiebak and UP bought Mohsen Maghsoud Loujafari

Let’s see who are the teams playing for the upcoming Pro Kabbadi League 2019 and know about the players who are going to represent the teams:

Here are the full squads of all the teams.

#1)Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors

Elite Retained Players – Baldev Singh, Maninder Singh

Retained Young Players – Adarsh T, Ravindra Kumawat

  • Mohammad Nabibakhsh 
  • K Prapanjan 
  • Jeeva Kumar 
  • Rinku Narwal 
  • Sukesh Hedgde 
  • Amit Kumar 
  • Rakesh Narwal 
  • Mohammad Taghi 
  • Amir Santosh Dhumal 
  • AR Avinash 
  • Vijin Thangadurai 
  • Bhuvneshwar Gaur 
  • Viraj Vishnu Landge 
  • Dharmendra Singh 

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Bengaluru Bulls

Elite Retained Players – Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Ashish Kumar

Retained Young Players – Amit Sheoran, Sumit Singh

New Young Players – Mohit Sehrawat, Banty

  • Mahender Singh 
  • Vijay Kumar 
  • Sanjay Shreshtha 
  • Lal Mohan Yadav 
  • Sandeep 
  • Raju Lal Choudhary 
  • Vinod Kumar 
  • Aman 

#3)Dabang Delhi KC

Dabang Delhi KC

Elite Retained Players – Meraj Sheykh, Joginder Narwal

  • Chandran Ranjit 
  • Ravinder Pahal 
  • Vijay Malik 
  • Vishal Mane 
  • Anil Kumar 
  • Saeid Ghaffari 
  • Sombir 
  • Pratik Patil 
  • Neeraj Narwal 
  • Satywan 

#4)Gujarat Fortunegiants

Gujarat Fortune giants

Elite Retained Players – Sachin Tanwar, Sunil Kumar

Retained Young Players – Lalit Chaudhary, Rohit Gulia

  • Parvesh Bhainswal 
  • Rituraj Koravi 
  • Vinod Kumar 
  • GB More 
  • Amit Kharb 
  • Abolfazl Maghsoudloumahali 
  • Mohammad Shazid Hossain 
  • Pankaj 
  • Gurvinder Singh 
  • Sonu 
  • Abhishek
  • Sonu Gahlawat 

#5)Haryana Steelers

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

Elite Retained Players – Kuldeep Singh, Vikash Khandola

New Young Players – Vinay

  • Prashanth Kumar Rai 
  • Dharmaraj Cheralathan 
  • Vikas Kale 
  • Naveen Ravi Kumar 
  • K Selvamani 
  • Amir Mohammad Maleki 
  • Tim Phonchoo  
  • Vikram Khandola 
  • Subhash Narwal 

#6)Jaipur Pink Panthers

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

Elite Retained Players – Deepak Niwas Hooda, Sandeep Kumar Dhull

Retained Young Players – Ajinkya Pawar, Lokesh Kaushik

New Young Players – Pavan TR, Sachin Narwal, Sushil Gulia

  • Amit Hooda 
  • Deepak Narwal 
  • Nilesh Salunke 
  • Vishal Lather 
  • Sunil Siddhgawali 
  • Dong Gyu Kim 
  • Malinda Chaturanga 
  • Karamvir 
  • Guman Singh 

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

#7)Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates

Elite Retained Players – Pardeep Narwal, Vikas Jaglan, Jawahar Dagar

New Young Players – Mohit

  • Surender Nada 
  • Neeraj Kumar 
  • Jang Kun Lee 
  • Mohammad Maghsoudlou 
  • Jaideep Hadi Oshtorak 
  • Ravinder 
  • Ashish 
  • Mahendra Choudhary 

#8)Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan

Retained players – None

  • Nitin Tomar 
  • Manjeet
  • Surjeet Singh 
  • Girish Maruti Ernak
  • Darshan Kadian 
  • Pawan Kumar Kadian 
  • Satpal 
  • Amit Kumar
  • Emad Sedaghat 
  • Jadhav Balasaheb Shahaji 
  • Hadi Tijak
  • Deepak Yadav 
  • Sagar B Krishna 

#9)Tamil Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaivas

Elite Retained Players – Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, Victor Onyango Obiero

New Young Players – Himanshu, M. Abhishek

  • Rahul Chaudhari 
  • Ran Singh
  • Mohit Chhillar 
  • Ajeet 
  • Milad Sheibak 
  • Shabeer Bapu
  • Yashwant Bishnoi 
  • Vineet Sharma 

#10)Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans

Elite Retained Players – Armaan, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Krushna Madane

New Young Players – Manish, Akash Choudhary

  • Siddharth Desai 
  • Abozar Mighani 
  • Vishal Bhardwaj 
  • Duet Jennings 
  • Amit Kumar 
  • C Arun 
  • Suraj Desai 
  • Suraj Kumar 
  • Sombir 
  • Mula Siva Ganesh Reddy
  • Rakesh Gowda 

#11)U Mumba

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

Elite Retained Players – Fazel Atrachali, Rajaguru Subramanian, Arjun Deshwal

Retained Young Players – Anil, Gaurav Kumar, Mohit Balyan, Surender Singh

  • Sandeep Narwal 
  • Rohit Baliyan 
  • Dong Geon Lee 
  • Athul MS 
  • Ajinkya Rohidas Kapre 
  • Young Chang Ko 
  • Abhishek Singh 
  • Vinoth Kumar 
  • Harsh Vardhan 
  • Harendra Kumar 

#12)UP Yoddha

UP Yoddha

Elite Retained Players – Amit Narwal, Sachin Kumar

Retained Young Players – Nitesh Kumar, Aashish Nagar, Azad Singh, Arkam Shaikh

  • Monu Goyat 
  • Shrikant Jadhav 
  • Rishank Devadiga 
  • Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari  
  • Narender 
  • Masud Karim 
  • Surender Singh 
  • Gulveer Singh 
  • Gurdeep 
  • Ankush 

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads Controversies Revolving Around The Players

There are much news that is revolving around the team members of different teams and many controversies and rumors were dug out badly. Some of them are:

On the first day of the player auction for Season 7 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Siddharth Desai and Nitin Tomar earned bids of over Rs. 1 crore. In contrast, last year saw six players earn bids of a crore or more on Day 1.While Pawan Kumar Sehrawat was by far the best player last season, the second-best was arguably Desai. At last year’s auction, it was clear U Mumba were starting over as they chose not to retain Anup Kumar, who’d led the team to the title, two runner-up finishes and one playoff place in five seasons. The acquisitions of Fazel Atrachali, PKL’s first crorepati, and Desai signaled clear intent in the defense and attacking departments. And Desai more than repaid the faith shown in him. He finished his debut season third on the list of raid points. His proficiency in scoring off over two of every three raids helped him earn the best debutant award of Season 6.

While Pawan Kumar Sehrawat was by far the best player last season, the second-best was arguably Desai. At last year’s auction, it was clear U Mumba were starting over as they chose not to retain Anup Kumar, who’d led the team to the title, two runner-up finishes and one playoff place in five seasons. The acquisitions of Fazel Atrachali, PKL’s first crorepati, and Desai signaled clear intent in the defense and attacking departments. In addition to the number of players who received bids of one crore or more, what was notable last year was the jump in the highest bid with respect to 2017. Where Nitin Tomar’s Rs. 93 lakh was the highest bid for Season 5, Haryana Steelers dished out Rs. 1.51 crore on Monu Goyat for Season 6 — a 62.3% increase in the highest bid. The investment in Monu didn’t pay off, however. Although he managed 164 points from 20 matches, Monu never quite settled into the role of lead raider after playing the supporting role to Pardeep Narwal at Patna Pirates in Season 5. Haryana finished bottom of the table That seems to have made teams wary of spending too much on a single player — a tactic that was presumably also due to the limiting effect such purchases had on the teams’ options with regard to the rest of their squad. This wariness showed. Haryana refused to use FBM to keep Monu. Rahul Chaudhari went from 1.29 crore last year to 94 lakh this time. Devadiga’s value was almost halved, from 1.11 crore to 61 lakh. The only exception to this trend was Nitin Tomar, whose bid rose from 1.15 crore to 1.20 crore. The most important rules are: A quality defense usually proves the difference between winning and losing and a team over-reliant on one raider will struggle. Teams appeared to be sticking to these maxims during the auction.

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Final Squads

Patna’s title defense last season failed after they proved unable to replace the quality of Monu as the secondary raider, the one to add valuable points and step up when main man Pardeep had an off day. Rahul and Ajay Thakur both had strong individual seasons while their teams Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas struggled. This led to teams clearly trying to get their primary-and-secondary-raider combination right. Patna picked Jang Kun Lee to support Pardeep, the Thalaivas chose Rahul to support Thakur and UP picked Monu and Rishank.

And while specialist raiders continued to be in high demand, receiving four of the five highest bids, defenders saw an increase in demand. Bengaluru Bulls’ defense was rarely tested last season, thanks to Pawan’s excellence, but when it was, Mahender Singh stood firm. The defending champions paid double of the 40 lakh they paid last year to retain him. Runners-up Gujarat Fortune giants shelled out 75 lakh, more than double the 35 lakh they paid last year, to keep Parvesh Bhainswal. Another noticeable trend was that teams were willing to shell out substantial amounts for older, more experienced players, such as Surender Nada (75 lakh last year to 77 lakh), Ran Singh (35 lakh last year to 55 lakh last year) and Sandeep Narwal (retained last year to 89 lakh). Players from Iran and South Korea have always been the two overseas nations that supply the greatest numbers of players to PKL’s talent pool, but their demand only appears to have increased this time.

So, noting the best points from the above facts are these players are a combination of new as well as old talents who are going to represent their states and go against each other for the trophy. The list has been updated after the auction was done. The top-rated players were placed in teams and were known for the great qualities and skills shown in this famous game. The game of kabaddi who has gained its roots from the rural soil should be as famous as other games that are prevailing and flourishing around the world and it is the sole purpose of the government to find out and build up certain plans for the growth of the game. Every year should see an increasing demand for the game and like each game, it should have a proper individuality with good fame across the globe. For this, the premier leagues are utmost important and Pro Kabaddi League is a burning example of the same. Given a chance, these players can set up a great example showcasing what are the pros of the game. 

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