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Sarah Taylor Biography, Career Info, Records & Achievements

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Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor Biography

Sarah Taylor: One of the emotion of every cricketing nation is sport happens in the middle of the ground and nowadays women’s cricket is on the rise. Despite the rise in popularity, men’s cricket is being followed more deeply compared to the women’s cricket in the world. E seen a crowd coming up to see a practice match of a team in the IPL in a high number? Yes, it happened this year in Chennai in India ahead of the IPL 2019. Chennai super kings have that kind of fan base in the IPL and your mind might get the doubt that, in which angle is it related to the gender department? Yes, it is slightly related to the gender, all this crowd pulling factor happens because of the attention men’s cricket got in the from the period of 1930’s, it slowly got better day by day and year by year and world cup by world cup and finally now men’s cricket is one of highest money generating sports in the planet.

Sarah Taylor

Even the men’s world cup is considered as the main purpose of every fan on match day were a fan take it as a personal emotion. Whenever the world cup begins in every four years, TRP and broadcasting rights hikes up to 100 percentage which shows the quality and following ratio of every cricket game played by men. Upcoming world cup 2019 in England will fetch some huge money and this is expected to be the most thrilling world cup ever in the history of the game as all the participating team has some kind of chance in winning the world cup. Now, how about women’s cricket? yes, there has been increase in the popularity in the game, but is it enough? Is it enough to match the craze level of men’s cricket? no, surely not, it has to be promoted more and it should supported more. ICC is trying their level best to promote women’s cricket, but it is now in the hands of audience who has to support women’s cricket and start buying tickets to the stadium to cheer our girls. What should be done to inject that Interest? What are the methods? But there some personalities who can promote cricket by their skills and talent, currently in the world there two such personalities, one Smriti Mandhana and another one player is Sarah Taylor from England. In today’s column, let us discuss about Sarah Taylor and her life. 

Who is Sarah Taylor? 

Who is Sarah Taylor? 

She is England wicket keeping bats women since the year of 2007 and she robbed hearts of youngsters across the Globe,not only by looks but also by her massive talent and runs coring ability on the cricket field. She is the bats women who plays shots brilliantly and she is known for her effortless shot making with her batting. 

Early Life of Sarah Taylor

Early Life of Sarah Taylor

She was born in White chapel, London, in the year of 1989 on 20th of May month. When she was 17 years old, she debuted for England against India and there is no turning back since that. 

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Every cricketer has their ups and downs in their career and Sarah Taylor is no different. After her debut, she opened the innings for England in world cup in which they won and also opened the innings in 2009 world T20 in which England won. She pulled off some series against Australia in 2010 and 2011 including the Ashes series. She came back in 2012 and performed really well for two years and her batting was highly impressive and legendary. In 2014, She stated that she is going through anxiety disorder and took a break from cricket for a while. She came back in 2016 and was selected for 2017 world cup at home and recorded highest 4th wicket partnership of 275 and England won that world cup and her performance since then was legendary

How crucial she is for England’s chances in 2021 women’s world cup in New Zealand?

World cup 2021 is just two years away and the most prestigious event of women’s cricket set to begin in New Zealand in 2021 . Every team will be bring out their best team in a process of winning their biggest dream to win the world cup 2021.  Sarah Taylor will be most probably opening the batting for England and he full from means that England will be defending the world cup successfully in 2021. 

Her Versatile Character

Her Versatile Character

she is without a second doubt, one of the greatest opening bats women in the world at the moment, but imagine if she plays her batting according to bowler and slow down her pace of the batting  if the situation demands? She might have failed in other position other than opening slot at times, but in most of the occasion, irrespective of the position she bats in, she times the ball as perfectly as the best in the world. but that is not the case in the current situation, her experience will be fully helpful and she is  one of the all time great bats women who can pace her innings according the situation of the match. yes, she will be able to score massive runs at the top and 2021 world cup will also be her last world cup, so ending it with a cup will be right send off to her legendary career. But, nevertheless she will be the bats women who bats at opening slot  till the final game England plays. 

Her Sensible Batting at Times

Her sensible batting at times

She is the most aggressive player in the England Women’s team and she also shows aggression in batting but not when batting at crucial time and in the start of her innings. Unlike some bats women of her stature, She is not the player who goes for the hit in every ball he faces in the middle, she takes enough time to settle down herself, plays ground shots and takes enough time to get going with a full flow where she sends towering sixes. She is the batsman who can smash ground shots with a very perfect timing, of course, she is known for her timing like we already mentioned and that will help the team in laying a super score which will be great foundation to win the game, Remember that, a good start is always a best contribution an opener can give her team and Sarah Taylor has done it many times.

She is too comfortable with conditions in New Zealand:

There are lots of super stars who scores well in home pitch but fails in overseas conditions as they struggle against bowling in alien conditions , this right handed super woman does not hold that problem as he handles any conditions exactly  well and plays like English conditioned pitch all over the world and the fact that New Zealand condition is similar to the British condition is only going to help her. She is already very successful in New Zealand in the international cricket and it will be vital for the team for her to perform in the upcoming matches in the build up for the world cup and it will be crucial for the team if she repeats the her skills in the world cup 2021 in the New Zealand Soil. One special talent about her is that if a bowler delivers a bouncer, she smashes it through the ground for four which cuts one major option against for the bowler against her. when those options gets cut, loose balls come in which helps him score more runs and he then scores centuries like singles. She is one of the best wicket keeper bats women in the world. 

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Best Wicket keeper in the World

She is one of the best wicket keeper in he world and she has received appreciation from the one of the greatest of all time in cricket Adam Gilchrist. He described her as the best wicket keeper in the world even if you combine both Men and Women versions. This can be the sweetest compliment ever for any cricketer and she is proving him right match by match. She is one of the gifted cricketer For England and she will be cherished by the England fans forever. What makes her special? She develop skills day by day irrespective of the heights she reach. She never stop preaching, she never stop learning, she never stop being honest about her own mental health.

Her Day to Day Life

Her Day to Day Life

Like every other women, she has her day to day life and opinions outside cricket and she is a big fan of Hollywood movie and watches movies regularly in theaters. She is also a great football fan and she is a die hard supporter of arsenal. 


She can be that All time legend when she retires and her life is a great inspiration for all the upcoming women cricketer. She is that excellent wicket keeper who will be remembered forever in the history of cricket. we all want her to win the 2021 world cup for England.

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