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5 Situations When South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall

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When South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall

South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall: World cup 2019 is coming up and every fans of every participating nation will  be excited to witness the world cup and also will be keenly cheering for their team to lift the trophy and yes, this time it is going to be even exciting world cup as it it happening in the home of cricket England and iconic ground Lords will host the grand finale of the world cup 2019. Since world cup is found in 1975, we have Seen lots of emotions and aggression during the world cup as it is the tournament which matters the most. Sadly according to the law of game, there can be only one winners in the end and some really deserving teams will not be handed the trophy. But which ever country wins it, will be playing every game as the world champions for another four years before getting another chance to retain the trophy. There are some teams which will be the best in the tournament but will not be winning the trophy.

when South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall

Let us the come to the biggest chokers of the ICC events South Africa, they are always the team to be feared, they are always the team to beat, they always come into any world cup as one of the powerful teams but they will somehow find they way to get out from the world cup. They are the team which never played in the world cup final and let us discuss about the 5 situations they let the world cup slip out from their hands in today’s column:

2003 World Cup

2003 World Cup

Team was perfect, they was facing an ordinary  sides in the tournament, more importantly, World cup was happening in their own backyard and hopes for them lifting the world cup was high. What followed was the horror as they faced the group stage exit. Group stage exit was cruel, but what made it worse is the fact that one more run could have done for the proteas and who knows if they scored that one run to seal the victory in the tied game against Lankans, they would have won the cup. Two of the games was almost sealed, one was against New Zealand, one was against Sri Lanka, both got curtailed by Rain and south Africa lost one and tied one to get knocked out of the 2003 world cup. Why is that more painful? It was touch and go again, it was world cup they would have come in with high dreams of winning it and they are one of the powerful side of those times. At the end it was Australia who won the world cup beating India in the final, who knows if it was South Africa in place of India, they would have become champions of 2003. Rain which always gives a pleasant feel for everyone, it had given only given bad memories for South African cricket. upcoming 2019 world cup open us another opportunity for them to win that world cup. 

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2007 World Cup

It was another world cup and another season of exciting cricket in West Indies and this time around South Africa played really well and qualified for the semi final of he 2007 ICC cricket world cup in West Indies. It was Against Australia and if anyone has to beat Australian in 2007, that has to be South Africa. The Entire world was confident that South Africa will beat Australia and Qualify for the final for the first time in the history. The game started with excitement of fans but fan support will not make you win the game. What followed is another horror as Australian bowlers Reduced South Africa to 27-5 which ended all hopes again in 2007 for the Nation South Africa. They then recovered a bit in the game but a target which is not even 150  is too less against the strongest batting line up of Australia. They chased it like a cake walk and showed the exit door to South African cricket and Australia qualified for the final and won they cup for third straight time. South Africa, where did they lose this one? When they bat first and setting up a target, they could have just played slowly for first 20 over and then could have boosted some runs. Even 250 could have proven too much in Semi final but getting bowled out under 150 did not help either. South Africa Had too many match winners but losing 5 wickets under 30 runs on the board was never going to help them. They lost both the games to Australia they played in that world cup and the second one came when it mattered the most. Once gain they was back home without a world cup. Now from this memory, will they do it in England in 2019 edition? All the best proteas. 

2011 World Cup

2011 World Cup

 South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall: it was not the venue they are much comfortable with but a World cup is different ball game and venue does not matter much. South Africa Rocked the group stage and qualified for the quarterfinal where they locked horns with very ordinary New Zealand side in which expected to be a cake walk for them. But many forgotten that  Quaterfinal was knockout after 15 years and South Africa are chokers in knockout games. New Zealand was batting first and South Africa restricted them to 224 which is very low score in Asian pitches. The chase began and they looked comfortable as they looked comfortable at the start. Then they lost wickets in regular interval and bowled out without chasing the target. Against all odds, New Zealand won the game and qualified for the semi final. Where did south Africa lost the trophy here? There was no big knocks from Smith , AB de Villiers and FAF who was the powerhouse of the line up. They all got out in much needed time and South Africa had to wait for another four years.

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South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall

When South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall: They had the best of teams in the world Cup which was held in Australia and they played like champions and qualified for the Semi final and once again it was Against New Zealand. South Africa played well and was looking good once gain to reach the final for the first time. in the final over, one of the worlds best bowler Dale Steyn was bowling and 5 runs was needed of 2 balls. Grant Elliot hit a six which ended the dream of every cricket fans around the world that South Africa play the final. South Africa players Burst into tears that made the whole world cry and writer of this column cried like a kid. That game was one of the game tat fans thought there could have been two winners in cricket as New Zealand had equal fans because even they deserved place in final for the first time in the history. South Africa put down catches and missed run outs which costed them this game and it will be remembered as the most emotional day in South African cricket. they batted really well but in the end the chokers tag still remained. 

1999 World Cup

1999 World Cup

This is the most cruel exit ever the South African cricket have faced Despite being the strongest side in the trophy. The last ball of the match saw a most cruel Run out and  saw the game end in a tie and Australia getting qualified with better win ratio. Once again, it was that one run which showed the exit door for South Africa and that still remains as the most cruel exit. Since hat game, Australia won 4 world cups and South Africa yet to win one. That last min sharpness could have won the game for the team but no it did not happen. 

Why is it happening every time?

When South Africa let the World Cup Hopes Fall: Yes , it might be a curse like everyone say, because each and every time it happens. But to be practical, South Africa is not playing at their best in those games. You cannot blame the fate all the time, sometime big players have to step up in big games to remove that chokers tag, for example if you take 2015 semi final, if the catches were caught and run outs were made, they would qualified for the final and even won the trophy. In 1999 Semi final, if they were little sharp in that last ball, they could have qualified. In 2007, a better game plan would have helped them qualify. In the upcoming world cup 2019, they should forget what happened in the past and play as a usual team aiming for glory. Then, it is possible for them to remove chokers tag. They have a set of batsmen who can bat at any position and win the game and that is the trump card to be used to confuse opposition and change their plan. 

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Cometh the hour, comet the team, let 2019 be the year which makes South Africa the world champions.

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