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WWE 205 Live Cast

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WWE 205 Live which has recently shortened to just 205 live is one of the world’s best professional wrestling web television program that is produced by WWE. This features the promotion’s cruiserweight division where all the participants are taken in at a maximum weight of 205 lbs, hence the name. The show is a part of the 205 live brands and was also a part of the Raw brand.


The show first aired on the WWE Network on November 29th, 2016 and have since aired weekly. It used to come on the channel right after SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights. 



205 Live was produced following the immense success of the Cruiser weight Classic tournament, which features those who have since competed in the competition and other players who have now become full-time members of WWE’s cruiser weight division.

The Raw brand was first taken control of as the exclusive home of the division during the 2016 brand extension. After which, the premiere of 205 Live, the cruiser weight wrestlers appeared on both Raw and 205 Live, as well as making a few appearances on NXT. The main event of the show’s inaugural episode saw Rich Swan defeated The Brian Kendrick. In  2018, Triple H took control of the creative side of 205 Live. The first of the changes were made under Triple H and was announced on January 23, with Daniel Bryan publicly saying that the first 205 Live general managers would be published in the following week. The GM was first revealed to be Drake Maverick who was formerly known as “Rock star Spud” from Impact Wrestling. 

Later in September, because of the second season of WWE Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live had to change from the original live format to a per-taped form. Finally, on January 15th, 2019, the show moved back to Tuesday nights at 10 pm eastern time and aired live again. 

Who are the Champions?

Who are the Champions?

On September 14th, 2016, Triple H made public the information that the winner of the Cruiser weight Classic would receive both a trophy and also accept the new WWE Cruiser weight Championship for the cruiser weight division on the Raw brand. At first, the title was defended only on Monday Night Raw, but later on, in November 2016, 205 Live was launched for the first cruiser weight division.

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Highlights Of The Event

The cruiser weight division almost felt like a different company at the point because WWE had all but ignored it on Raw as well as pay-per-views, but this hasn’t stopped the competitors from producing great performances.

Last week’s main event showdown between the one and only Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy was yet another Match of the Year candidate. These two managed to outdo their previous brilliant matches against each other every time they step into the ring, which seems like an almost impossible task until they finally do it.

What happened on the Tuesday’s episode of WWE 205 Live?

Tony Nese vs Kalisto

Tony Nese vs Kalisto

In the match between Tony Nese and Murphy, the viewers noticed that they allied with each other in the past couple of games. They don’t appear together frequently,y but Murphy was there for his friend that week as he took on Kalisto.  Nese has never found the level of success on 205 Live someone at his calibre deserves, but he has been picking up more wins over the past few months, so there is still some hope for him.

The announcers first planted the seeds to his breakdown in the preliminary minutes of the match by talking about how it has been impossible to console him with respect to the fact that he lost against Ali the previous week. It was a decent match, but it felt like they were time and again getting stuck in the second gear as they waited for Murphy to trigger the DQ. Hopefully, this will lead to something even better next week.

Murphy is known for his great scowl. Right now, seeing him smile would just be weird. Kalisto’s outfit almost looked like a tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers team. Drew Gulak, The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher gave all gave a  promotion about being done with the Lucha House Party and setting their eyes on the

WWE 205 Live Lio Rush vs. Colin Delaney

Lio Rush vs. Colin Delaney

The very new candidate Lio Rush took on someone the WWE Universe may remember from his old days in the ECW by the familiar name of Colin Delaney. He previously appeared in a match with Braun Strongman all the way back in the early games of the series, but this is his first show on 205 Live. He was known as the scrawniest guy in the ring, but he has now recently put on muscle, and over the years he has become a much bigger man. 

Rush has incredible speed and agility, so he has never really cared about being the smaller competitor. After Delaney surprised him with a quick roll-up, he took control and dominated the rest of the match.

He finished off his opponent within the Final Hour, which is just his personalized version of a frog splash. The match may have been quick, but Rush put in a few hits and several impressive man oeuvres to put on an incredible performance. Akira Tozawa came to watch the match from the ringside. Rush then gave him a chair to sit in, but Tozawa like unexpectedly knocked it over.

Rush is excellent at playing like a confident, unlikable heel. He definitely has a bright future if he can at least stay out of trouble. Tozawa told Rush he had done nothing to deserve the attitude he has and accepted the challenge Rush issued last week. This exchange is the most exciting thing Tozawa has done since winning the title last year.

Cedric Alexander vs Hideo Itami in the Cruiser weight Title.


Itami talks a lot about getting respect, but he proved he is not willing to give back the same respect he demands to any of his opponents when he pie-faced Alexander after their very first collar-and-elbow tie-up.

Itami’s entrance is extra. His music isn’t always great, and he just walks to the ring. He, unfortunately, doesn’t even wear his outstanding ring jacket.

Alexander has the loudest strikes in the business, though. He and Itami did not hold back from each other, even for one bit. They ended up beating each other up and hitting each other in the face very hard, and sometimes it got out of hand.

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With only five days until the WWE Royal Rumble, 205 Live still had so much to offer through their go-home show. Tonight’s two matches proved to show why the Purple Brand is an event that one cannot miss. Aiden English made his comeback as a commentator tonight, instead of  Percy Watson.

Humberto Carrillo came back tonight on 205 Live, but now as an official member. Even though he didn’t defeat Buddy Murphy last week, Carrillo put on an outstanding show and nearly earned a victory against the champion. Tonight, he had the chance to pick up his first win as he faced Lucha House Party player Gran Metalik.

The main event had the three challengers of Buddy Murphy at the Royal Rumble. The Juggernaut must take care of his title as the Cruiserweight Championship in a Fatal-4-Way in January, but on that very day Hideo Itami, Akira Tozawa, and Kalisto would prove who was the best of the best in a historical triple threat match up. 

Gran Metalik vs Humberto Carrillo-Carrillo and Metalik shook hands before their epic encounter. The two men then got locked up, with them at a stalemate early on in the game. Metalik connected with the first shot, a massive chop to Carrillo’s chest. 

Back inside the delirious ring, Carrillo nearly got the pin with a suplex. But, Metalik kicked out, then put his feet up to catch the new star who tried his best at landing a moonsault. Metalik then came back up with a bulldog, but Carrillo did not let him and kicked out. A dropkick from the middle rope would have to give Metalik another pitfall.

Metalik then kept Carrillo in the middle of the ring with a headlock but managed to fight it out. Both men traded shots at each other before Carrillo connected with an enzeguri. Metalik kicked out at only two.

Metalik also kicked out of a pinning attempt after which he made a high angle crossbody from the massive Carrillo.  Metalik put his opponent back inside the ring, and then landed on top of him with a springboard Swanton Bomb, and Bam! Carrillo was kicked out. Metalik took him up high and stunned him with a successful chop. Metalik then continued to slap him once again, then went for a superplex, but was blocked successfully. Carrillo sent him away. 

Finally, Humberto Carrillo defeated the Gran Metalik with a pinfall.

After the match, Carrillo and Metalik very gracefully shook hands out of respect for each other. 

Simultaneously, Drake Maverick was boasting about bringing Carrillo onto 205 Live to Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher. Both men then left frustrated. Tony Nese asked for a rematch with Noam Dar now that their series was tied up at 1-1, and was looking for what he hoped he would get a rubber match. But, when Maverick only said he’d only just consider it, Nese threated to take out Dar at his own will and time.

Akira Tozawa then cut a promo backstage with The Brian Kendrick and said he did not want to travel across the world to be a joke only on 205 Live. Kalisto and Lince Dorado were then shown backstage, and Dorado and was noted that 2019 was the year of Lucha House Party. Before the match, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy made his way ringside, hoping to get in the heads of all of his challengers. 

WWE 205 Live Kalisto vs Akira Tozawa vs Hideo Itami

Kalisto vs Akira Tozawa vs Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami went on to attack both Tozawa and Kalisto while they were distracted by Murphy. Tozawa was then sent outside, allowing Kalisto and Itami to get some time together in the ring. Kalisto brutally sent Itami outside with a top rope arm assisted by an arm drag. But, Tozawa immediately took him out with a beautiful top rope dropkick and a suicide dive which sent him right to the outside of the ring. 

Itami finally took out Tozawa when he began the jaw jacking with Murphy. Itami then sent Kalisto into the barricade and focused on Tozawa inside the ring. Itami finally continued to beat down the Tozawa and managed to make sure that the former US Champion Kalisto was outside the ring with his killer kicks.

After a while, Itami set his sights on Kalisto, delivering a deadly heel to his head while being stuck on the barricade. After he came back inside; he continued to weaken Tozawa’s defence with a headlock. Tozawa fought out and finally caught a running Itami with a hurracanrana followed by a belly to back suplex move. When Kalisto tried to springboard in, a dropkick right from Tozawa sent him crashing back to the mat.

All the competitors began getting up all at the same time, trading some hard looks. Tozawa won the three-way trade with two major jabs, rocking both Itami and Kalisto to the core. Itami hung Tozawa up by the ropes, but Kalisto connected with a running enzeguri, leaving him desperate and  gasping

Kalisto went for the superplex but was very well blocked by Itami. Tozawa then joined Kalisto in an attempt to try and hit a double superplex. Murphy interfered right here, sending all the three men down to the mat with the massive tower of doom.

The champion went on to beat all the three men down to make them remember who they’re dealing with over here. Kalisto and Tozawa got back to their feet and rocked Murphy with multiple kicks, and outstanding super kicks, followed by a brilliant move called the Salida del Sol from Kalisto and his famous suicide dive from Tozawa.

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