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Junglee Rummy Review: Highlights and Key Aspects

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Junglee rummy Review: Highlights and key aspects

Junglee rummy Review: Highlights and key aspects

Junglee rummy is one of the newest rummy websites established in India recently and is getting all the hype because of its latest features and innovative games on board for its users. Moreover, Junglee rummy has seen a lot of success in a span of just few years and could very well be regarded as one of the game changers in the online Rummy world due to its creative game formations and user experience. All those who have played on this Rummy website so far are praising its state of the art gaming features and rummy tables which have been able to attract a lot of attention from a lot the rummy lovers in the country.

Gaming Software and graphics quality at the Junglee rummy

The user interface of Junglee rummy is decorated with an eye pleasing 2d table along with attractive
graphics to enable the user to use big and clear cards along with latest gaming options on the table
itself. One of the main highlights of its user interface is the first person perspective feature where the user can view all the other players in form of animated avatars playing with each other on the rummy table. This has been largely quoted as a “ 3D” table as it is coming with some added features and dimensions alongside. Moreover, they can also chat with each other in the process.

One of the other most stylish features is the theme where the user can switch from the basic “home
“version to latest styled themes in the background which also changes the color of the table in the

Various themes available for the users at Junglee Rummy

Users can switch to a number of differently styled themes which can suit their playing taste and
preference. There is a “ Royal “ theme which can make you feel like a king playing rummy online while there’s another one named “ Garage: which would gives you an experience of playing Rummy in a garage. You can also choose from a number of options like Cricket theme, Living room theme and so on which would give you a pleasing experience of playing in your preferred environment along with your friends or network.

How Junglee Rummy is different from other Rummy websites?

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Gaming tables with the most innovative looks and features has been the biggest USP of Junglee rummy ever since it established few years back. This is surely something which makes it a class part from all the online rummy websites. Moreover, the Avatar look of the players while playing with each other gives it a whole new definition in terms of enhanced user experience in the Online Rummy world. Other features which make it different from other rummy websites is the Stylish and soothing look to the tables in the background which can be styled according to the taste and preference of the players playing online.

Downsides of Junglee Rummy

Although it’s really hard to find a downside in this exceptionally amazing Rummy website, the newly
added features sometimes makes the users confused about the overall gaming experience. Still the website cannot be blamed for the same and they have come up with all the latest updates and features with every day coming to bring the most amazing Rummy experience to their users.

How much is the signing bonus in Junglee Rummy?

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One of the key aspects of Junglee rummy is the signing bonus which is 100% of your first deposit.
Moreover, minimum amount which can be deposited is INR 25 whilst the maximum bonus that can be earned is INR 1500.Therefore, if a player deposit 1500 INR for the first time, they can get 1500 INR as the first time sign up bonus. Well, now that’s some deal!

Various Promotional offers by Junglee Rummy

Junglee rummy is quite known for their innovative promotional offers and contest all around the year.One of the most famous ones is a monthly contest which makes its users eligible for a prize worth lakhs of rupees every month. There are a number of weekly contest and cash deposit offers in order to encourage more players to play with some good money on the table. Apart from these offers, the website runs weekly as well as daily contests and promotional offers to keep the interest of its players intact.

Along with all the above mentioned offers and boosters, players can also get rewarded for referring
their players to the Junglee rummy website in the range of up to 1000INR and player with the maximum referrals is eligible for a cash prize of 6000 INR. One of the most recent Junglee rummy promotions has been the “Epic “ Bonus offer. Under this offer, player can get a cash back of 25% on their deposits up to 10000INR. If you want to make use of this bonus offer, you can deposit at least 200 rupees in your Junglee rummy account whilst using the code “ EPIC’ in the promotional codes tab.

Rummy Tournaments on Junglee Rummy

There are a number of online rummy tournaments hosted by Junglee rummy website every week with a prize of up to 1 lakh INR on offer. Moreover, each tournament comes with an entry fee ranging from 25INR to 100 INR solely depending upon the cash prize of the specific Rummy tournament. Moreover, Junglee rummy was also the official sponsor of the World rummy tournament in 2015 where the prize money was a staggering amount of 1 crore INR. There are also some free roll tournaments with guaranteed cash prizes especially for the beginners of the game.

How is the customer support at Junglee Rummy?

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Junglee rummy offers a “Help” section where all the users and players can post their queries, feedback and complaints in regards to any issue with the games and prizes on the website. The client support team often comes with immediate response for the same and you can also see through their FAQs in relation to the most common questions asked along with their respective answers.

Payments options at Junglee Rummy

You can pay by Debit card, credit card, cash cards or Net banking and the whole process of adding and withdrawing money is completely safe with instant transfers in the account. Players can make a deposit of minimum 25 INR whilst the maximum limit is 5000 INR. Moreover the amount in the account must be at least 100 INR and only then it can be withdrawn t your respective accounts. Additionally, the first withdrawal is free of charge but every subsequent withdrawal afterwards comes along with a processing fee according to the respective amount.

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

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After having a thorough look at all the above mentioned features and key aspects, Junglee rummy
certainly deserve a Big thumbs up for its innovative features and enhanced user experience which you might not get to experience on any other rummy website.

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