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What is Moneyball in football

The Moneyball philosophy first originated in Baseball adopted by Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane to achieve success.

The technique is a study the undervalued statistics and quality of the player to find undervalued players available for a lesser amount.

This technique is now used in football and has started to change the perception and the dynamics of the games.


A solid performance by the player at a bigger European stage or in the international stage often tends to inflate the player’s value.

Those players often create the buzz and tends to make fans excited due to the reputation established by them.

However, the guarantees that scouts seek under the radar to collect data of the player with same quality, but due to lack of top flight exposure he remains undervalued.

The players surely won’t get the fans excited, but the managers surely knows what they are getting in.

This techniques allows club to strengthen their squad with a relatively less transfer price thus making this technique a success.