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Raja Rani Game| The Classic Indian Traditional Game

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Raja Rani Game| Elements and How to Play 

Raja Rani Game: It’s almost not possible to hear ‘Raja Rani game’ and immediately not look back in nostalgic memories of our childhood, of memories attached with our friends from school, neighborhood, cousins and the good old days. This indoor game is one of the top ones out there when it comes to Indian kids. It’s among one of the favorite ones to pass time, all the while having an absolute fun guessing and guffawing. For our country’s rural kids, this game has been an everyday activity for years. All you need for this game is basically some paper and a pen and you’re set to have a jolly good time. 

Raja Rani Games:

Places Where it’s Widely Played – 

 India has witnessed the evolution of this game for a really long time. It’s not a game that purely belongs to only certain regions and places in the country. From children from rural parts of the country to the children from urban parts and sometimes adults too, Raja Rani is a game that is always played and enjoyed with enthusiasm. Be it in the spare time of school days or during summer vacations or just during everyday playtime, it’s a game you can play, whenever and wherever. 

  •    Like many board games, Raja Rani is an easily accessible indoor game.
  •     It’s mostly played using either chits or wooden pallets. It’s important to make sure that the quality of these chits or wooden pallets is durable, for multiple uses.
  •    It’s preferable for the chits used in the game to be of equal sizes and also wrapped in a way that they’re all similar to each other, to avoid there being any leeway or cheating.
  •    It’s also very important that the players are properly aware of the point system of the game and mark their target in advance as this evaluation will increase their chances to win the game.
  •    Depending on the number of players available to play the game, Raja Rani usually can have four or more people as its players.
  •    The chits used should be of equal number as per the characters, as this will allow players to pick in a more effective way as it’s shuffled during each turn.

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How The Game is Played -

Raja Rani Game: The Raja Rani game has the standard four characters. Four is the number of characters required to play this game. These four characters will be shuffled in an effective way by each player, depending on the availability factor. 

The Most Common four Characters in the Raja Rani Game are –

  1. Thief
  2. Cop
  3. Minister
  4. Queen
  5. King and so on
  • The Raja Rani game starts out with the players having picked an equal number of chits and it has to be shuffled so that all players end up with random characters, that way it can be made impossible to rightly predict with certainty.
  • Silence is the main key in this particular game. Discretion, along with manipulation is what makes or breaks the player’s chances of winning, all the while making the game more spiced up and interesting. 
  • The main aim of the game is to confuse the cop in figuring out who the actual thief is out of all the players. it’s the job of rest of the players to trick the cop, create confusion and make it difficult for him to choose the right person. This both helps players get points, as well as make it a more effective play.
  • It’s the duty of the copy to find out who the real thief is, as discussed above. The cop is dealt with a win it all or lose it all hand. Because if the cop manages to figure out who the actual thief is, the cop will get complete points. But if the cop ends up picking the wrong player as the thief, then the cop will lose all the points too. 

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Structure of the Game – The common structure of this game is that the King is allotted with 1,000 points, whereas the Queen gets 800 points. Minister and other extra characters are allotted 300 points. And finally, the cop and thief get 500 and 0 points respectively (depending on the fact that the cop gets it right). Most players usually wish to be the cop as it’s a good way for them to get more points, without them actually having to compromise on their tactics for the game. 

Players – As discussed earlier, the minimum number of players that’s required is four. But this game can also be played with more than four players. The extra players should be matched with the extra number of characters too so as to properly maintain the structure of the game, to play it in an effective manner. In addition to this, with more number of players in the game, it makes it harder for the cop to find out who the thief as and considerably reduces the cop’s chances to gain full points.

Raja Rani Game: Turns – The taking turns aspect of the game plays a vital role in the process of shuffling. Usually, the person who loses the previous game gets to be the player to shuffle the chits for the next game, as a way to make the game effective and give a fair chance to everybody. But it can also be done in a systematic way, with one player followed by the other for every next game.

Raja Rani Game: Luck – At the end of it all, it’s all about luck. The winner is the one who ends up with the luckiest hand. The unpredictability of this luck factor is what makes this game all the more exciting, every time you play it.

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