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Rise of MMA as a premier sport in India

In a country like India there is always a room for a sport to make it’s mark in the heart of the people and that’s what exactly  MMA is doing now.

The popularity of MMA is rising in India day by day but what does this sport consist of? Why is MMA rising as a premier sport?

What is MMA?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a sport that allows both striking and grappling.

The techniques used are grapple and strike at the opponent is a mixture from other combat sports and Martial arts, both standing and on the ground position.

MMA in India

The Sports has already left it’s mark in the world and is already making sure that it has a big impression in India, a place where all sports finds it’s mark.

Brain child Ratul (The Dana White of Kolkata) Mukherjee is making it sure that this sport make it big under his vision and guidance under the banner of Boom MMA and Boom Indian Premier Fighting League.