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Sangita Phogat Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Caste

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Sangita Phogat Biography

Sangita Phogat Biography

Sangita Phogat: At the point when one hears the name, Wrestling is the word that in a split second strikes the psyche. Also, why not? After the 2016 blockbuster by the name Dangal, the term ‘Phogat’ and all the more decisively, ‘Phogat Sisters’ has turned into a commonly recognized name. 

Sangita Phogat

In any case, saying this doesn’t imply that she is the least capable. Truth be told, it could be the polar opposite of that. She has begun giving indications of splendour and battling soul that was so a lot of a trademark of Geeta Phogat, her oldest sister. 

It is said that the most youthful sister has not won a lot of trophies to her nation, however, has a ton of possibilities to take up difficulties. it is significant for each person to consider rehearsing more and with a savvy mentor since it causes them to become familiar with the procedures and systems viably. Sangita Phogat has been increasingly wary about the game since she is getting contributions from more individuals in the family. 

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Early life of Sangita Phogat

Mahavir Singh Phogat is a previous wrestler from Balali town in Bhiwani locale, Haryana, who turned into a wrestling trainer. His dad Man Singh was additionally a wrestler. Mahavir and his better half Daya Kaur have five kids: little girls Geeta, Babita, Ritu and Sangita, and the most youthful being child Dushyant. Mahavir’s sibling Rajpal’s little girls Priyanka and Vinesh were raised by Mahavir after the passing of their dad. 

Mahavir was enlivened to prepare his little girls in wrestling when weightlifter Karnam Malleswari turned into the principal Indian lady to win an Olympic award in 2000. He was additionally impacted by his mentor Chandgi Ram who had instructed wrestling to his little girls. Kaur remembers, “I advised my better half not to push the young ladies into the game. I was stressed over how they will ever get hitched as pehelwans wearing shorts and trimming their hair!” Regarding the restriction by the townspeople against preparing his little girls, Mahavir stated, “Everybody said I was carrying disgrace to our town via preparing my young ladies, yet I thought if a lady can be Prime Minister of a nation, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to be a wrestler?” Deprived of legitimate offices in his town where his daughters wrestled against young men, Mahavir enlisted Geeta and Babita into the Sports Authority of India focus in Sonipat. 

Mahavir Phogat, a senior Olympic mentor, prepares all the six Phogats in the place where they grew up in Bhiwani area. 

Geeta Phogat is India’s first wrestling gold medalist in the Commonwealth Games. Vinesh, her cousin, also won gold awards at the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games. Babita Phogat likewise won gold decorations at these occasions, in the 55 kg classification. Priyanka Phogat won a silver at the Asian Wrestling Championships in Bangkok in 2016. 

Wrestling Career of Sangita Phogat

Wrestling Career of Sangita Phogat

Wrestling profession for Sangita Phogat has begun now and she is having a decent start by winning a silver award in the last title. Sangita Phogat has a notoriety of assaulting the adversary directly from the main second since it causes them to assume better responsibility for the game. A large portion of the wrestlers leans toward utilizing their methods by learning the adversary’s style of game. Sangita does the inverse by assaulting the rival from the underlying period of the match. The style or the methodology causes the player to demotivate their adversary, which assume an indispensable job to win simply.  

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Asian Wrestling Championships in 2016 

The Asian Wrestling Championships in the year 2016 was one of the effective competitions for Sangeeta Phogat in light of different reasons. The wrestler didn’t have a productive time in the previous competitions yet returned solid in 2016 to bring home a silver decoration in a simple manner. Sangeeta took an interest in the 59KG class. 

Sangita Phogat plays for Delhi Sultans in the professional wrestling group and highlighted in a portion of the significant matches. The match between Venessa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus and Sangita increased a ton of group of spectators between Sangita is a new wrestler, who is set to respond to a call against a titleholder at the time.  




Master wrestling alliance is a significant competition to watch out for to realize following India’s hero. The stage gives a decent space to every one of the players over the world to demonstrate their capacities now and again. Sangita figured out how to participate in the competition and pulled in plenty of groups of spectators with the assistance of her adaptable range of abilities obtained by his family. Sangita Phogat took the principal coordinate against Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus from the group UP, Dangal. Venesa was a world-ruling boss when the competition began. Sangita made that big appearance and crushed the best on the planet in a simple manner. 

Vinesh Phogat was playing for UP, Dangal by then of time and was quite befuddled as far as offering help. Sangita played with flawlessness and defeat the dark horse title in a snappy range of time. The match was uneven at first, where Sangita gave away focuses and Venessa was driving with 4-0. A speedy smooth leg sweet helped her return to the game and played to success the match and the hearts of the individuals around in a powerful manner. 

The game against the titleholder transformed herself to a huge degree. This brought her up as far as prevalence and the Indian Wrestling board offered an opportunity to speak to the nation. The world wrestling title, which will be held in 2019 is a major competition, which requires a ton of diligent work to carry a decoration to the country.


As indicated by different sources, Sangita Phogat is worth 15 Lakhs.

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