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Sania Mirza Biography

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Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza Biography

The buzz in the world right now is the word called feminism which is positive and the fight for equality of women power equally to the men power, some take advantage of it and spoil their own life and some scripts their beautiful Destiny. some spend their nights in pubs and party floor and some spend in sweating it out by working hard to achieve the desired result in life and having sleepless nights as their dream will not allow them to sleep peacefully because passion is excellent. Motivation is the biggest gift you can give someone in life, be it men or women, if a person is motivated enough, he/she finds the path towards success even at the young age. Nowadays, women’s sports game is something which is on the rise to the popularity, it is healthy to see that people started to notice names and pictures of women players either has their talent and some people as their own crush. One such woman sports person in recent times has robbed the hearts of the Indian youngsters and we are going to discuss about her life in today’s column and she is none other than Indian a Tennis super star woman Sania Mirza.

one line about her:

for almost two decades, she robbed hearts of Indian youngsters not only by looks but also by her
massive talent and match winning ability on the Tennis court. She is the Indian tennis super star who
made the nation proud through many outstanding performances.

Her Early Life:

Her Early Life:
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She was born in Mumbai in the year of 1986 on 15th of November. When she was two years old, after her birth, her family decided to shift to Hyderabad in Telengana. Her father was a sports journalist and her mother were looking after a printing business. She was raised in Hyderabad in a Sunni Muslim family. She took up the tennis racket at age of 6, was coached by her father initially and then was coached by Roger Anderson.

Her schooling:

Her schooling
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She did her schooling in Nasr school in Hyderabad and she is very fond of her school and the love she has for her school is great. In an Interview she stated that, she is grateful to her school for giving her the full freedom to pursue her dreams, she said the memories she collects while she walks into the school is outstanding.

Her Tennis career:

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She started playing Tennis at the age of 6 and she turned professional in 2003, Her first major
achievement when she won the 2003 wimbledon girls title. In junior level, she won ten single titles
which raised her to the fame and since then, she played for India consistently. She also qualified for the US open doubles in 2002. But it was in the senior sector, she showed the world the early success.
Winning medals are always important for any player in nay sports and she has won 4 medals in the
history of Afro Asian games to make her nation proud. She is one of the greatest players the Indian
tennis has ever witnessed.

Her success between 2004-2005:

In the year of 2004, she debuted in the WTA tournament in Hyderabad which was her home and she
was a wild card Entrant. In the first round she put up a fight against the fourth ranked Nicole Pratt who was a eventual champion in the tournament. and scored some great points showing some superb promise in the very first game of her WTA debut but sadly lost the game after a well fought effort.

In 2004 playing against tough opponents, she scored some brilliant wins and won six ITF titiles which
earned her much respect and made her a star in the making among all Tennis experts. IN the following year, she became the owner of WTA title won by an Indian herself to be joined in the list of upcoming super star of tennis.

She is an everyday usual girl outside the field:

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One common thing India in any field or profession is that, they will be movie buff and Sania Mirza is no different from the department. she is die hard fan of Bollywood movies and South Indian movies and she hit theaters regularly. She is also an adventure lover who loves trekking. Now, let us discuss the importance of being chill out person when you are not in work. In this life time we all go out to work and get stressed and sometimes we never spend much time for other activities and then we tend to lose happiness. We will have to learn from these celebrities that spending some time away from work is much needed to boost the happiness in life. she is also a great fan of Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL  of course the heart remains at home always.

Her family:

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Her father was a sports journalist and her mother were looking after her printing business. She has a sister Anam who she is very close with. she was first coached by her lovable father. Every human in this world needs family support and Mirza got that precious gift in full- fledged manner. Her father
motivated her and taken care of her tennis very closely by reaching her for practice and picking her back to the home from school and practice. Her mother handled her business and family with the right balance complete responsibility. This is important in everyone’s career as this is the most important phase of a career of a sports person.

Her net worth:

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Whoever in this world needs enough money to survive on this earth and for Sania, it is no different and playing Tennis has earned her the money to live this lifetime comfortably. Why is money important even if it is not the most important segment in the life? Because you will have to pay bills which is compulsory, you will have to pay for the food and you will have to live a pleasant life without disturbing anyone but by helping everyone as much as you can. for all this you will need money. Income in women’s tennis is being much higher to the income compared to any women’s sports in India, so, yes, it is enough to live a luxury life. Sania’s net worth is around 170 crores of Indian money as now and she has invested around crores in share market and also own two luxury cars which will be worth of crores together. As a women sport’s person, this is a big achievement and she has the ability to achieve more in life. money is another motivation to do well in life and always remember, it is not the most important.

Her looks:

Her looks:
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Yes, doesn’t she look too beautiful? She has robbed many hearts for almost two decades and she is one of the women who stole many hearts of youngsters.

Her spouse:

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After lots of problems in media and court, she married the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Before their marriage, there was lots of problems from the first engaged girl of Malik but somehow the problems got  solved and both was happily married ever after.


If Sania can, every woman in the world can achieve big, we are looking forward to the people who
achieve big.

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