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U Mumba struggling to find momentum

U Mumba led by the captain cool Anup Kumar started as one of the favorites in the tournament, however, they have struggled to find a momentum of sort.

The team that posses raiders like Kashling and Shabeer Bappu, you expect the team to steam roll the opposition, however they have now reduced to 5 losses so far.

The defenders have struggled to defend, as a result, the franchise from Mumbai has seen it’s team getting all out by the 10th minute on consistent basis.

U Mumba

Raiders on the other hand struggled to bring points on the consistent basis.

Defenders have given multiple points, when the team should have been on their toes.

Kashling, one of the big name in the side has just averaged just 4 points per game.

Anup Kumar has been the lone warrior for the side without any support and expecting one man to deliver the goods is to much of asking even for the class of Anup.

U Mumba are on their home leg and this is the time to return back to their best because this team surely has the potential to destroy any team.